Third Party Insurance

Third Party Insurance for Corporate

Insurance cover plays a very important part in the protection of assets and the reduction of liability exposures. Understanding and taking proactive action against the uncertainties or accidents that the motor vehicles of your organization face are fundamental to that organization’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives.

Any company or organization operating a fleet of vehicles, large or small will appreciate the value of maintaining lower premiums and keeping their vehicles on the road of maximum time possible. Our Sanad commercial motor liability insurance offering goes way beyond just competitive premiums.

TPL cover your vehicles in the event of an accident occurring during the policy effective period, involving indemnity under the terms of this Policy, the maximum limits of the Company’s liability in respect of bodily injury (including blood money and the sums estimated for injuries and medical expenses) and in respect of property damage shall not exceed SR 10,000,000 (Saudi Riyal ten million) per any one occurrence

  1. Offers the maximum limit of insurance cover to third parties' legal liabilities in the Kingdom up to SR 10 million.
  2. Provides an insurance card and bail bond approved by the traffic authorities and ensures the prompt release of the driver from police custody.
  3. The insurance coverage is available to all makes of motor vehicles and is not confined to a specific model.
  4. Wide insurance coverage that includes any accidents caused by the insured vehicle even when the driver is nonexistent in the vehicle at the time of accident occurrence.
  5. It can be extended to cover personal accidents for the driver and passengers
  6. It can be extended to cover drivers less than 21 years old.

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