Accident and Liability


Medical Malpractice and Public Liability

Medical Malpractice is professional liability insurance that protects physicians and other licensed health care professionals (e.g., dentists, nurses) from liability associated with wrongful practices resulting from bodily injury and medical expenses, as well as the cost of defending lawsuits related to such claims.

Pollution Legal Liability

The Pollution and Legal Liability Insurance policy enable companies to protect themselves and their operations against costs of clean-up, bodily injury, and third-party property damage arising after any incident of accidental pollution caused by the company.


PI For Financial Institutions

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Financial Institutions Offers solutions arising from liability against the Insured, and/or the Insured›s employees. It covers defense costs, damages, compensation and costs awarded in a judgment, and settlement with the Insurer›s consent.


Comprehensive General Liability

Coverage provides protection against bodily injury and property damage claims arising from the operations of a contractor or tenant. This type of policy provides coverage for premises and operations, use of independent contractors, and products and completed operations.


Director and Officer Liability

This policy provides coverage of liability for the company's managers to protect them from claims which may arise from the decisions and actions taken within the scope of their regular duties.


Professional Indemnity for Architects, Engineers, and Miscellaneous Professions


This policy provides an indemnity to the Insured in respect of the Insureds legal liability to third parties that is related to a negligent act, negligent error, or negligent omission which was or may have been or is alleged to have been committed or omitted (as the case may be) after the retroactive date specified in the policy. The policy can also cover defense costs & expenses.

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