Investment Plan

Enhance and grow your investment portfolio

Like most people, you probably have an idea of what you wish to achieve in your life and know that realising your ambition requires effort and a financial commitment. Your goal could be providing a college education for your children, buying a second home or purchasing a luxury item.

Whatever your lifetime goals may be, planning ahead increases your chances of reaching them sooner. At Walaa Insurance, we help you craft a long-term investment strategy that can meet your financial goal that you have set for you and your family. Our Investment Takaful Plan allows you to invest in a wide range of Shariah compliant funds with various types of investment strategies that can be tailored to suit your risk appetite. It also provides your family with personalised financial protection should anything unfortunate happen to you (God forbid). What’s more, we assure you that this plan is fully Shariah compliant.

Enjoy today and tomorrow with greater peace of mind while watching your investment portfolio grow.

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