Education Plan

Secure a better future for your child

As a parent, you want to give your children a head start in life. A planned higher education can help your child secure a better future and pave their way towards a successful life.

That's why, it is important to start planning ahead for your children’s education. Our Education Takaful Plan offers personalised financial solutions that can help you build your wealth over time, ensuring you will have sufficient funds by the time your children are ready to enroll in a university. For added peace of mind, Walaa Insurance will pay all future contributions to the plan should something unexpected happen to you (God forbid) during the term of the plan. This means, you can now enjoy your today and tomorrow with greater peace of mind. We also assure you that this plan is fully Shariah compliant.

The key to securing a better future for your child is in your hands. Start investing today so that you can afford the best education for your children’s tomorrow.

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