Appointment of a Financial Advisor

  • January 18, 2024
  • Financial News

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Walaa Cooperative Insurance Company Announces Appointment of a Financial Advisor to Manage the Subscription of the Rights Issue



Element List Explanation
Introduction With reference to Walaa Cooperative Insurance Company (the Company) announcement on Tadawul website on Monday, dated 18/09/2023G corresponding to 03/03/1445H regarding announcing the recommendation of the Board of Directors to increase the Company's Share Capital by offering Rights Issue, The Company would like to announce to its valued shareholders that it has appointed a financial advisor to manage the subscription of the rights issue.
Name of Financial Advisor Aljazira Capital Company
Financial Advisor Appointment Date 2024-01-18 Corresponding to 1445-07-06
Additional Information Announcements will be made upon submitting the request for capital increase to the Capital Market Authority and any future development that may occur.

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