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Miscellaneous Accidents

Walaa offers different sort of products under miscellaneous category, which are:

Specialized Products

Travel Insurance


Under the umbrella of liability, Wala’a offers following insurances;

1. Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

The policy covers all sums (including defence cost) which insured becomes legally liable to pay as damages as a consequence of: accidental death / bodily injury or disease to a third party, accidental damage to property belonging to a third party;

This coverage can be extended to cover completed operations liability or product liability.

2. Professional Indemnity Insurance - Architects & Engineers (for single project or for annual cover)

The Professional Indemnity Policy provides an indemnity to the Insured in respect of the Insured’s legal liability to third parties that is related to negligent act, negligent error or negligent omission which was or may have been or is alleged to have been committed or omitted (as the case may be) after the Retroactive Date specified in the Policy. The policy can also cover defence cost & expenses.

This distinctive class of liability is meant to offer protection only for Architects and engineers only.

3. Professional Indemnity Insurance – Miscellaneous

Same as above, but is meant to offer protection to professions other than Architects and Engineers

4. Medical Malpractice liability

Covers is similar to professional indemnity but designed to cover medical professionals such as doctors, specialist, nurses and other staff associated with healthcare industry.

5. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O) Liability Insurance provides protection for directors and officers against claims alleging wrongful acts committed in their capacity as D&Os. A D&O policy also provides reimbursement of losses incurred by the company when it has indemnified its directors and officers against liabilities.

6. Privacy & Network Security (Cyber) Liability Insurance

Provides protection in following circumstances

o Privacy breach - Wala’a will reimburse the company for the privacy breach costs the company incurs that directly result from a privacy event

o Digital Asset Replacements – Wala’a will reimburse the company for any digital asset replacement expenses the company incurs due to the corruption or destruction of digital assets caused by a security event

o Security and Privacy Liability – Wala’a will pay on behalf of the insured all loss which the insured becomes legally obligated to pay on account of any claim first made against the insured for a wrongful act. This section also includes defencse cost.

o Business Income Loss – Wala’a will pay the company any business income loss, dependent business income loss and extra expenses the company sustains during the period of restoration due to an interruption of service

o Cyber Extortion – Wala’a will reimburse the company for any extortion expenses and extortion payments actually paid by the company that directly result from a cyber extortion threat.


1. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Wala’a will provide coverage against loss directly result of acts of fraud or dishonesty which are committed by any of the employees during the continuance of the policy or during any agreed period after expiry policy

2. Money Insurance

The Insured is indemnified in respect of loss, damage, or expense incurred during the term of the Policy due to;

a) Loss of Money while in safe or counter or in transit

b) Cost of repair or replacement of safe or strong room (not otherwise insured) directly associated with any theft or attempt thereat

3. Personal Accident Insurance

If an Insured Person sustains an injury resulting in an Insured Event described in the policy wording, the Wala’a will pay the Insured Person or his legal representatives the agreed compensation.

Principally personal accident covers

1. Death & Disabilities

2. Emergency medical expenses

3. Repatriation expansion

4. Workmen Compensation And Employers Liability Insurance

Walaa will indemnify the Insured against personal injury by accident arising out of and in the course of his employment by the Insured in the Business.

Employer’s Liability is designed to cover legal liabilities of employers towards their employees.

5. Travel Insurance

Either traveling for business or for pleasure there are always unexpected interruptions that could ruin your trip or at least cost you more expenses than your budget. In Wala’a we realized those issues and have created Wala’a travel insurance (WTL) to help you in case of emergency and to indemnify your financial loss. This cover will give you peace of mind with affordable premium, multiple levels of cover and flexible duration of the policy, to suit your every need.


Wala’a aviation policy covers;

a) Damage to Aircraft

b) Loss of or Damage to Spares and/or Equipment

c) Liability (Aircraft Liability, Premises Liability, Hanger-keepers Liability, Products Liability. This section also includes defense cost

d) Personal Accident for pilots and cabin crew


a) Energy onshore

b) Extended Warranty

c) Loss of license for pilots and cabin crew.

Requests Forms – Miscellaneous Accidents

Money Insurance  -  Download Form
Fidelity Guarantee Insurance (FG)  -  Download Form
Personal Accident Insurance (PA)  -  Download Form
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (CGL)  -  Download Form
Medical Malpractice Insurance  -  Download Form
Workmen’s Compensation Insurance (WC)  -  Download Form
Public & Product Liability  -  Download Form
Medical Malpractice Insurance Flyer  -  Download Form