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Cancellation Procedure

Dear Customer,

Based on the compulsory insurance policy issued by SAMA regarding cancellation clause, This Policy cannot be terminated by the company or insured after issuance except in the following cases:

  • 1- The Insured Motor Vehicle's Registration has been cancelled.
  • 2- Transfer of the ownership of the insured’s vehicle to another person.
  • 3- Providing of substitute policy from another insurer.

The insurer shall refund the insured the due amount payable for the uncovered period by depositing the remaining amount to their bank account via IBAN, within three working days from the date on which the insurer becomes aware of the occurrence of any of the cases mentioned above. The due amount payable to the insured for the uncovered period is calculated by subtracting the elapsed days from the total policy term (in days) and then dividing the result by the total policy term. The result is then multiplied by the insurance premium less administrative fees (a maximum of SAR 25) to determine the return premium:

(365 − elapsed days) /365 × insurance premium less administrative fees (a maximum of SAR 25) = return premium. The insurer is exempted from its obligation to pay the due amount in the case that there is a claim— related to the policy to be cancelled and the exact vehicle covered by the policy—with a value exceeding the amount to be refunded as per the calculation formula mentioned above.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, insurers, insureds and drivers shall remain bound by the provisions of this Policy with respect to the obligations arising prior to its cancellation.

  • Any policy issued before the date 26/08/2018 it is going to be cancelled according to the table of short period.

* Regarding policies that been issued through our online website:

  • 1 - Approval of the cancelation request is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, the refunded amount is calculated according to the recovered schedule.
  • 2 - Upon approval of the cancelation, the remaining amount will be refunded only to the policyholder to ensure the user’s protection.
  • 3-Refunds will be transferred back using Bank transfer to the policyholder’s IBAN.

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